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Göttinnen Schmuck Abo . Deine Abo-box als Beauty box alternative

Awaken the goddess within you

Thats how it works:

Choose your color:

Gold, silver, mix or pearl-only.

Choose your subscription model:

Flex, 3, 6, 12, or 24 months.

Enjoy Santorini Vibes:

Receive new Greek inspired jewelry every month.

Choose from 4 subscription options:

1) Jewelry Subscription Gold:

Jewelry made of 18k gold plated stainless steel jewelry.

2) Jewellery subscription silver:

Waterproof stainless steel jewelry, modern silver looks.

3) Jewellery subscription pearls

Perfect for pearl lovers. Freshwater pearls and more.

4) Jewelry Subscription Mix

A good mix for all who love gold and silver!

5) Jewelry subscription rose gold:

Jewelry made of 18k gold plated stainless steel jewelry.

Göttinnen Schmuck Abo, Gold Schmuck Abo ab 18,75€ bei 12 Monaten Laufzeit. Das einzige Perlen Schmuck Abo auf dem Markt. Dein Gold Schmuck Abo Box

Golden / Silver / Rose

New Greek inspired jewelry every month

Modern designs

Das einzige Perlenschmuck Abo auf dem Markt. Die Schmuck Abo Box beinhaltet jeden Monat eine neue Perlen Schmuck Überraschung.

Pearl Jewelry Subscription

Every month, at least 1x piece of jewelry with beautiful pearls

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Here you can see the current jewelry subscription! (Silver & Gold)

Gold/Silver Jewelry Subscription
"Pearls only" jewelry subscription