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Deine Schmuck Anfertigung - Pervoné Schmuck

Your jewelry making

Pervoné offers bespoke jewelry made from high quality materials such as gold and silver. Our experienced team uses innovative technology to create personalized jewelry that perfectly suits your style. With a price range of 50-1000 euros you will find jewelery for every budget. Discover the possibilities of jewelery making at Pervoné and create a unique piece of jewelery that reflects your individuality.
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Sei selbstbewusst und zeig Deinen Stil mit dem Cofident Ohrringe! - Pervoné Schmuck

Be confident and show your style with the Cofident earrings!

Our Confident earrings are made from high quality materials such as stainless steel, which means they are durable and will not tarnish over time. And with a size of 4 cm, they make a real statement without appearing exaggerated.
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Pepp Deinen Look mit der Beauty Kette - Pervoné Schmuck

Spice up your look with the beauty chain

The beauty necklace from PERVONÉ Jewelry is made of high-quality 304L stainless steel. This ensures that your jewelry not only looks beautiful but also lasts a long time and retains its shine and sparkle.
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Das bunte 11-teilige Scrunchies Set - Pervoné Schmuck

The colorful 11-piece scrunchies set

Finding the perfect hair accessory can be difficult, but we have what you need. Our 11 piece scrunchies set comes in a variety of colors and designs to suit your personal style. Made from durable polyester, the scrunchies will stand up to even the busiest of days. Spice up your look with our fun and versatile scrunchies!

What is a scrunchies set?

What is a scrunchies set?

A scrunchies set is a set of 11 different scrunchies. Made from durable polyester , they will stand up to even the busiest of days. They add personality to any look and come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your personal style.

Scrunchie set

Why our 11x scrunchies set

Need a way to add some personality to your everyday hairstyle? Then take a look at our 11x Scrunchie Set! These hair scrunchies are perfect for everyday use and come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your personal style. Made from durable polyester, they'll stand up to even the busiest of days. Add a touch of personality to your look with our 11-Way Scrunchie Set!

What are the characteristics of our scrunchies set

Our hair tie set is characterized by its versatile design. The set includes 11 different hair ties in different colors and patterns so you can find the perfect hair tie for your outfit or personality. The hair ties are made from durable polyester and will stand up to even the most active of days.

Pervoné scrunchies

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Griechische Ästhetik im Schmuckdesign - Pervoné Schmuck

Greek aesthetics in jewelry design

Explore the Greek aesthetic in jewelry design with beautiful stainless steel jewelry. Our selection of timeless pieces combines intricate craftsmanship with a classic style.
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Ketten Trends 2023: So tragen Sie die Top 10 Looks - Pervoné Schmuck

Necklace trends 2023: How to wear the top 10 looks

Discover the top 10 trends for stainless steel jewelry in 2023. Discover the latest designs for necklaces, earrings and more that will help you stay ahead of the fashion curve.
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Layer Looks - Wie man den Trend ideal zur Geltung bringt - Pervoné Schmuck

Layer Looks - How to show off the trend ideally

Do you love necklaces? Try the layered look trend to create an on-trend layered look. Choose from our selection of stainless steel jewelry to create the perfect combination of pieces. Look no further for the perfect combination.
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Edelstahl Schmuck: Haltbar und Wasserfest - Pervoné Schmuck

Stainless Steel Jewelry: Durable and waterproof

Description: 304L stainless steel jewelry is the perfect alternative to other materials. It is not only extremely durable and waterproof, but also looks very elegant. It is the perfect companion for many different occasions.
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Pervoné Club Schmuck Abo - Pervoné Schmuck

Pervoné Club jewelery subscription

The Pervoné Club is more than just a jewelry subscription - it's also a great opportunity to win something every month. A winner will be drawn each month who will receive a €50 gift voucher. This voucher can be given to other people as a gift or used to purchase additional jewelry. With this voucher, YOU can afford the latest trend pieces reliably and regardless of your budget!
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Schmuck Sonderanfertigungen von Pervoné: Einzigartig und individuell - Pervoné Schmuck

Jewelery made to order by Pervoné: Unique and individual

Discover Pervoné's custom-made jewelry! We offer high-quality individual pieces of jewelery made of gold and silver that are perfectly tailored to your wishes. From wedding rings to statement jewelry - let's create your one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry together!
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Verleihen Sie Ihrem Outfit einen Hauch von Eleganz mit PERVONÉ-Schmuck Beauty Creolen - Pervoné Schmuck

Give your outfit a touch of elegance with PERVONÉ jewelery beauty hoop earrings

Our beauty hoop earrings are the perfect earrings for every occasion. With their simple and elegant design, these earrings are perfect for any occasion. The cubic zirconia stones add a touch of glamor while the pendants allow for easy on and off.
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