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Layer Looks - Wie man den Trend ideal zur Geltung bringt - Pervoné Schmuck

Layer Looks - How to show off the trend ideally

Individual layer look combinations for the perfect match

Anyone who loves necklaces will most likely have heard of this trend: layered looks. Different necklaces are combined in such a way that a “layered look” is created. Gone are the days when less is more. With this trend, more is the new less. There are many advantages that speak for the exciting layered look.

Necklace lovers in particular will be happy that they no longer just choose one necklace, but can wear several at once.

But you can also do a lot wrong when it comes to the layer look, because it's not like you just put on one chain after the other without wasting a second thought. It is also a well thought-out system that makes some looks even more worth seeing.

Know the different necklace models

There are a variety of different necklaces. A choker is a necklace that is worn close to the neck and usually high up. In addition, there are of course chains that hang down much longer and create a strong contrast to the pieces of jewelery worn above.

If you want to dare the layered look, it is best to start with a choker that fits your own neck perfectly and with which you feel comfortable. Of course, the tight necklace must not be too tight and constrict the skin on the neck.

Some of the pendants also have stones or glittering details incorporated to make them shine even more beautifully on the neck. In addition to the two chains mentioned, another, medium-length chain can also be selected. This can be a coarser or also filigree chain.

A necklace with a medallion pendant can go well with the filigree choker. The medallion is the heart of the layered look, so to speak, and draws everyone's attention. For the most part, the medallion is round and larger than other pendants, after all, this part of the chain is supposed to stand out.

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