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Griechische Ästhetik im Schmuckdesign - Pervoné Schmuck

Greek aesthetics in jewelry design

You may not know it, but pervoné has a hidden connection to ancient Greece. Pervoné takes its name from the Greek goddess of spring, flowers and youth, Persephone. And like Persephone, Pervoné is inspired by the beauty and elegance of ancient Greece.

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Pervoné's Inspiration: Greek Mythology and Persephone!

You may be wondering where the name Pervoné comes from. He is inspired by the Greek goddess Persephone. Persephone was the goddess of spring, flowers and youth. She was also the daughter of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. Demeter was so saddened by the kidnapping of her daughter that she stopped blessing the earth with growth. As a result, winter broke upon the land herein.

To bring Persephone back, Zeus ordered Hades, god of the underworld, to free her. However, since she had eaten six pomegranate seeds in the kingdom of Hades, she was obliged to spend six months there every year.

This story reminds us that even in dark times there is always hope for renewal. We find inspiration in Persephone's resilience and determination to repeat to her mother despite the challenges she faced.

Pervoné jewelry Greek

Greek aesthetics in jewelry design

Greek aesthetics have been a powerful source of inspiration for jewelry designers for centuries.

Pervoné continues this long tradition and offers a collection of chic and timeless pieces that reflect the beauty of ancient Greece.

Our pieces are designed to make you feel like a goddess too, with intricate details and an eye for classic elegance.

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Benefits of Pervoné jewelry

If you are looking for pieces that are special and complete your look, Pervoné jewelery is for you. The jewelry designs are unique and inspired by Greek mythology. In addition, each piece is handmade and made from high-quality materials that ensure a long service life.

In addition, we are active on Instagram and regularly offer competitions and discounts @pervone_schmuck. You can use our Instagram page to get a glimpse of our wide range of designs before you place an order. So you can be sure to find the perfect accessory!

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