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Your jewelry making

Awaken the goddess in you with bespoke jewelry from Pervoné! We offer jewelry production from high-quality materials such as gold and silver. Use our free inquiry and design service to create a unique piece of jewelry that perfectly suits your style. Become part of the Pervoné family and experience unforgettable moments with a custom-made piece of jewelery from us.

Jewelery production at Pervoné: Let's create your unique piece of jewelery together!

Jewelry is more than just an accessory - it is an expression of personality. At Pervoné, we know this and therefore offer a comprehensive range of jewelery made from gold and silver. Our experienced team of designers and jewelers work hard to craft unique pieces of jewelry that are perfectly tailored to your wishes.

Advantages of making Pervoné jewelry!

A great advantage of Pervonés jewelry making is the possibility to create a piece of jewelry that is absolutely unique. We offer a free inquiry and design service where you can submit your own sketches and ideas or let us handle the entire design process.

Our jewelry making service is not just limited to wedding rings but also includes a variety of jewelry including necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings and more. We make jewelery for all occasions, from classic to modern, from subtle to eye-catching.

One of the biggest advantages of Pervoné is that we offer jewelry production to suit every budget. Compared to a goldsmith, we can offer our individual pieces of jewelry at a respectable price. And yet we only use quality materials like gold and silver to ensure our jewelry lasts a lifetime.

How much does a jewelry production cost?

The pricing of our jewelry creation at Pervoné is based on the complexity of the design and the materials used. We strive to offer our customers affordable prices without sacrificing the quality of our jewelry. Our free inquiry and design service gives you the opportunity to create a piece of jewelery that fits your budget perfectly. At Pervoné you will find custom-made jewelry that is not only durable, but also affordable.

At Pervoné, we offer jewelry creations ranging from 100 euros for a small necklace or earrings/rings made of 925 sterling silver to high-quality creations made of real gold . We want to ensure that our customers can receive a piece of jewelry that is perfectly suited to their style and budget. With our free inquiry and design service, you can have the perfect piece of jewelery created at an affordable price. Our jewelry is handcrafted and made from the highest quality materials to ensure it lasts a lifetime. Whether you are looking for a simple yet elegant piece of jewelery or a luxurious creation made of real gold - we have something for everyone. Be inspired by our jewelry collection and create a piece of jewelry that is unique like you!

"Awaken the goddess within you."

Your individual piece of jewelry: The design process!

In order to create your individual jewelry production , we offer a simple and uncomplicated design process. After your request, one of our customer advisors will get in touch with you as soon as possible. This way we can ensure that your wishes are fulfilled! We recommend that you try our WhatsApp chat ! This is the easiest and most uncomplicated way to come up with ideas for your jewelry production!

With pictures and precise information you make it easier for us to meet your taste! We can also take the design process into our own hands and surprise you! We guarantee a totally unique design and 100% satisfaction. Once you are satisfied, production can begin! The design process is completely free. You only pay when you are satisfied and give us the order.

Gold Olympic hoop earrings with Greek symbols. Crafted from high quality gold, these hoop earrings are embellished with traditional Greek symbols reminiscent of ancient Greek mythology. A unique piece of jewelry made to order.
Silver, modern cross earrings as a special order. These earrings have a large, eye-catching design and are made of high quality silver.

In addition to the jewelry production of special jewelry according to customer requirements, we also have a number of ready-made pieces of jewelry in our range. Our pre-made jewelry is also of the highest quality. We offer a variety of styles and designs, from classic to contemporary, from understated to bold.

Another advantage of Pervoné is our wide range of jewelery from our stainless steel collection. Our stainless steel jewelry is inexpensive yet of high quality. They are an excellent choice for anyone looking for inexpensive jewelry that is still stylish and modern. Or if you want to test the quality!

In addition to making jewelry, we also offer a large selection of classic pendants in gold and silver. These pieces of jewelry are perfect for special occasions or as a gift for someone special. With our jewelry creation , you can be sure that you are making a unique and personal gift that WILL be remembered forever.

A blonde woman wears a three-layer necklace with a heart-shaped pendant. The pendant is personalized with the letters "M" and "R". This piece of jewelry was made to order.

Your dream of making jewelry

Our goal at Pervoné is to make your jewelry dreams come true. We work hard to craft unique pieces of jewelry that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also tell a story. We understand that jewelry holds a personal meaning for many people and strive to create jewelry that will be cherished forever.

Our jewelry creation encompasses a wide range of styles and designs. We can customize any piece of jewelry to your specifications using a variety of materials and gemstones. Whether you want a simple and elegant necklace or a striking bracelet - you will find what you are looking for at Pervoné. Your jewelery production is as special as you!

Customer satisfaction has top priority

We understand that buying jewelry is an important decision and that you want to make sure you are getting the best possible piece of jewelry for your money. That's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our jewelry creations. If you are not completely satisfied

We'll do everything we can to make sure it's you.

At Pervoné, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible service. We pride ourselves on ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and are always available to answer any questions or help you choose the perfect piece of jewellery. We offer 7 days a week WhatsApp support so you can contact us at any time.

Contact your Personal Account Manager now!

Summary Pervone jewelry production

In summary, Pervoné offers an excellent opportunity to create a unique piece of jewelry that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Our jewelery production is cheaper than at the goldsmith's, versatile and offers a simple and uncomplicated way to create a unique piece of jewellery. We offer a wide range of jewelry in gold, silver and stainless steel, and a wide range of styles and designs. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible service and pride ourselves on ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. With Pervoné you can be sure that you will receive a piece of jewelry that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has a personal meaning.

Secure your personal jewelery production now!

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